Meet Scott Marciszewski

Scott Marciszewski is a decorated Police Officer running for State Assembly to make safety and opportunity the top priorities in New York. With rising crime, high inflation, and skyrocketing gas prices – it’s time to put the Taxpayers first.

For 24 years, Scott has served as a police officer on the front lines of law enforcement, rising to the rank of Deputy Chief of Patrol with 43 patrol offices and 9 supervisors under his command. Scott Marciszewski has a Masters Degree in Labor Relations Studies and served as the Union President of PBANYS where he excelled at negotiations, common-sense solutions, and leadership for over 1200 State Police Officers and a multi-million dollar operating budget.

Scott Marcizewski has been commended accordingly over his 24 years on the force. He was given the Award of Professionalism three (3) times, recognized as the officer of the quarter five (5) times, and has received four letters of commendation. At every post, Scott has proven that he has the skills and vision to keep our community safe.

Crime from petty theft to robbery and assault has grown exponentially because Politicians in Albany put ideology over people. So-called Bail Reform is responsible for putting repeat offenders back on the streets, hours after arrest, leaving them to continue their activity. Scott is running for Assembly to make sure we are handcuffing criminals in New York, not hamstringing law enforcement.

One-Party Democrat control in New York has hampered growth, shuttered restaurants here in Buffalo, Kenmore, and the Tonawandas. While crime is on the rise from BailReform, economic opportunity has been stifled by high regulation, taxes, and a lack of vision for our community.  Out of our 50 states, New York is at the bottom – ranking 43rd for Economy and 46th for Opportunity. In the month of February 2022 alone, gas prices have jumped 80c per gallon costing hundreds more out of the pockets of taxpayers every month.

Now more than ever we need someone who will represent our community because he understands our community. Scott Marcizewski is a lifelong resident of the Town of Tonawanda. He graduated Kenmore East, is a parishioner of St. Amelia Church in Tonawanda and is a proud member of the Pulaski Police Association. For 24 years Scott has diligently served our community – now he’s running for Assembly to keep our community safe and make sure we have the opportunity we deserve.

Vote Scott Marcizewski for Assembly on November 8, 2022!